ESP Guitars Australia to Showcase First 2021 Range Arrivals in Live Stream

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On Thursday March 25th, Noisegate and ESP Guitars Australia are stoked to present the ESP LTD 2021 First Drop Showcase, being live streamed via our Facebook pages. We’ll also be announcing a huge giveaway comp that any guitarist would be quite pleased to win, so tune in for that!

The first drop is an exciting collection of ten 2021 LTD models, with more coming in the second drop, due in May. These guitars are currently on their way to authorised ESP retailers around Australia.  It should be noted, numbers are quite limited, so move quickly if you’ve got your eye on something!

Drop #1:

• ARROW 1000 [Candy Apple Red] • ARROW NT BLACK METAL [Black Satin] • EC-1000 BB EVERTUNE [Black Satin] • EC-1000T CTM [See Thru Black Cherry] • EC-1000T CTM [Tobacco Sunburst Satin] • H-1001 [Violet Andromeda] • JM-II (JOSH MIDDLETON SIG) [Black Shadow] • M4 BLACK METAL BASS [Satin Black] • MH-1000 EVERTUNE [Dark Brown Sunburst]  SN-1 HT [Black Blast] • PS-1 [Pearl Pink]

Hosting the live stream will be Tim Gauci of ESP Australia, who along with Steve Lane have been waving the ESP Australia banner on behalf of the Australian distributor, CMI Music & Audio, for a number of years now — I hassled the guy with a few questions.

The boys in action. 

What’s the plan for the live stream on Thursday?

Steve: Usually we travel across the country for 3+ months heralding the new range from ESP, but of course due to the difficulties and risks in this new Covid-19 reality, we’ve decided to go digital this year. Tim will be on hand to take you through some highlighted guitars plus answer any questions. We’ll pick some of our favs including 2 one-off Custom Shop pieces. These Custom Shop guitars are hand-built in Japan and only available in Australia, they are truly unique to the market. We will also launch an amazing competition which has a great prize up for grabs.

It feels like ESP are on a bit of a roll with LTD lately, each year the range seems to get stronger and stronger. Is that the feeling on your end too? 

Tim: Totally. The signature range is ever evolving with new guitars injected annually (like this year’s JM-II Josh Middleton sig – pictured), I’d be safe in saying no other guitar company has such a wealth of artist models in their line-up. This is one area ESP continually raise the bar. You’ll find new and interesting finishes this year that are not usually found at these price points, Fishman / EMG / Seymour Duncan pickups can be found throughout the range further pushing the quality of each guitar.

ESP Guitars Australia to Showcase First 2021 Range Arrivals in Live StreamWhat do you see as the highlights of the first drop?

Tim: For me personally, the highlights of this lot are the SN-1 Snapper in that awesome Black Blast textured finish, H-1001 in that wild Violet Andromeda finish that changes colours depending on how you look at it, and the more traditional vibes of the  Eclipse EC 1000 TCT.  Oh and I’m a sucker for Arrows, so I can’t not mention the new Black Metal Arrow.

ESP Guitars Australia to Showcase First 2021 Range Arrivals in Live StreamWhat about the underdogs – any diamonds in the rough that you reckon people should give a shot? 

Steve: The Pearl Pink PS 1 is a ‘left-field’ choice for many ESP players but the range has been very successful for us here in Australia. The more ‘traditional’ semi-hollow body shape and specs have been received well and we are excited to show off the new 2021 model.

ESP Guitars Australia to Showcase First 2021 Range Arrivals in Live StreamIn previous years we’ve seen a few Aus exclusive models, what can we expect in 2021?

Tim: We always enjoy designing guitars for the Aus market and continue to add them where possible. We do have some things cooking at the moment in the LTD realm – watch this space!  I must say the two one-off Custom Shop pieces we have on the Live Stream are really worth a look! You can’t buy these guitars anywhere else in the world!

Check out the Live Stream Event here

ESP Guitars Australia website

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