Ferry Corsten: Legendary DJ & Music Producer

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Ferry Corsten the Dutch DJ, record producer, and remixer is well known for producing many pioneering trance tracks during the 1990s–2000s under his numerous aliases, including System F, Moonman, Pulp Victim and Gouryella. In recent years, he has shifted to a broader electronic music style, playing everything from progressive house to melodic trance; and hosts his own weekly radio show, Corsten’s Countdown. Corsten routinely plays at events and festivals all over the world including Electric Daisy Carnival, Tomorrowland, and many others, and has been consistently ranked among DJ Mag’s Top 100 DJs poll.

In this video, Ferry Corsten is in his the studio where he speaks about his use of the Arturia V Synth Collection 6 on his latest concept album “Blueprint”, and blending cinematic sounds with sci-fi inspiration.

We would also like to share an interview with Ferry Corsten and Music Radar where he was asked to give his TOP 10 Production Tips.

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Ferry Corsten: Legendary DJ & Music Producer
Ferry Corsten: Legendary DJ & Music Producer
  1. Get inspired: “Listen to music you’re not familiar with making yourself, you find that little element that can be so cool when you translate it into your world.”


  1. Experiment: “Play with your instruments and save your sounds along the way and there you have it, you’ve just created your own custom sound bank”


  1. Be Unique: “A trick that I very often try is using effects that are built for a different purpose. For example, guitar amps for a lead synth can give you the edge.”


  1. Try to find symmetry in your melodies: “Try to imagine going to a record store and having to sing your track to the guy behind the counter because he doesn’t know it”


  1. Keep the momentum going: “Keep the momentum going while you’re in your creative process. Being in the zone is something rare and precious”
  1. Find your structure in terms of how you produce: “Some DAWs work differently from others, and therefore be more time-consuming in organising your files, but it will save you time in the long run”


  1. Space and room is everything: “I like to keep my tracks spacious and open and like every element to be able to breathe and have its own place in the mix”


  1. Give your ears a break: “Go outside for a walk for 10-15 minutes. Take some time to give your ears a rest, especially if you’ve been producing on loop mode”


  1. Keep it lively: I’m a big fan of super-tight productions, because with a tight production comes a great punch. One trick I often use is to comp pretty much everything in my track”


  1. Archive: “This is probably the most boring process of your production but by far the most important one. Having your files perfectly archived will help you in the future when edits and remixes”


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