First Look: Arturia’s Three New Delays You’ll Actually Use

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‘3 Delays You’ll Actually Use’ is the latest addition to Arturia’s existing line of devices with purportedly imminent practicality such as ‘3 Filters You’ll Actually Use, ‘3 Preamps You’ll Actually Use’ and ’3 Compressors You’ll Actually Use’. If you’ve never been one to get particularly excited about delay effects before, then this might be the bundle to get you over the line of time based effect enthusiasm. 

  • Tape Delay 201 – emulation of a classic vintage tape based delay unit with some nice new features added. 
  • Memory Brigade – emulation of a classic guitar pedal style delay is based on the classic bucket brigade analog circuit.  
  • Delay Eternity – original Arturia design, packed full of features. 

Tape Delay 201 

Has a really nice warm vintage sound. As you increase the intensity it starts to self-oscillate, and adjusting the repeat rate introduces that classic warped behaviour we know and love. One of the unique features of this emulation is this motor inertia knob which affects this behaviour directly. This mode selector lets us choose which playback heads are active, as well as add some modelled spring reverb, or deactivate the delay completely turning it into just a spring reverb unit. 

Memory Brigade 

Based off a certain classic guitar pedal that used an analog bucket brigade circuit instead of tape. The delays have a nice natural filtered sound to them but you can easily get much more aggressive sounds by increasing the feedback amount, and stereo functionality is a nice addition. Or you can use really dense delays to add a more reverb like tail to the sound, as well as being able to modulate the delay time to create chorus or vibrato types of effects with the flick of a switch.. 

Delay Eternity 

This delay isn’t an emulation, but is in fact an original design delay effect by Arturia with a multitude of both modern and vintage features. It may well be the most comprehensive delay effect the world has ever seen. There are 5 different delay types. The first 3 are a single delay with a variety of stereo behaviors and the last two add a second delay line either in parallel or series. 

Similar to the motion inertia knob from the 201, there are three time modes which modify the response to delay time adjustments. Repitch is great for getting all those quirky time bending effects.  Another really cool feature is this bit crusher effect which can turn the delays into a great big mushy mess of chaos, especially if you introduce a lot of feedback with a short delay time. Also under the hood we have access to an EQ section and envelope follower and 2 LFOs. 

Further info and introductory discount offer available from Arturia here.

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