First Look at JBL PRX One: Easy to Use Stick PA for Everyone

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Stick PAs are by no means a novel concept and their target market has typically focused on ease of use rather than professional applications. JBL’s PRX One is a stick PA that has been designed to buck this trend and appeal to those who want an easy-to-use system that sounds good straight out of the box, although it will also appeal to those who want to dig a little deeper into shaping their sound. And when I say, dig a little deeper I mean dig a lot deeper!

JBL have managed to fit a heap of processing power in this bad boy and I was a little taken back when I had my first play with it. Onboard are multiple effects including reverb, delay, 8 band EQ with 4 fully parametric bands, compression, limiting and ducking and all this processing comes from a scaled DBX PA2 loudspeaker management system meaning it is all fully tweakable via the DSP on every input channel, not just the master output! This kind of DSP flexibility is seldom featured on stick PA systems. The PRX One also has multiple effects from Lexicon including reverb, delay and a sub synth. All this processing has both quick presets and the ability to change multiple parameters, making the PRX One accessible to both professionals and weekend warriors.

JBL’s dual control mixer concept was first seen on their EON One Compact and they’ve applied it to the PRX One. The dual-function knobs provide access to gain, EQ and effect sends per channel or to the gain for each channel. These are well thought out controls, providing nice and quick simple control of your mixer without needing to jump on the app or menu dive.

Throw Bluetooth streaming, integrated app control and ample output into this featured mix and you have yourself a stick PA that dares to be a little different with a stack of features that will appeal to many different users including mobile musicians, celebrants, DJs, fitness instructors, house of worships, outdoor events, pubs, café, restaurants, real estate agents, mobile corporate events and anywhere a portable and versatile PA is required.

Features & Specs

  • A vertical array of 12 2.5-inch drivers delivers consistent, even HF response from the front of the room to the back
  • JBL A.I.M. (Array Inumbration Mechanics) geometrically optimized array-shading technology ensures consistent front-to-back coverage
  • Wide, 130° (H) x 30° (V) dispersion pattern delivers consistent coverage across the audience area
  • 12-inch bass-reflex woofer extends low-end response to 35 Hz
  • 2,000-watt (peak), fully bridged Class D amplifier with power factor correction and high-linearity inductors provides clean, efficient system power, superior headroom, low THD and protection from voltage spikes
  • Four high-efficiency, low-noise microphone preamps maintain constant bandwidth at any gain level
  • Integrated 7-channel digital mixer with dual-operating mode gives users full control of their input faders or individual channel controls like bass, mid, treble, and effects.
  • 130 dB max SPL
  • Powerful Lexicon effects engine with delay, reverb chorus, echo and sub synth, with presets for easy setup
  • A simple, intuitive full-colour LCD screen provides easy access to all PRX ONE functions
  • 8 user presets instantly optimize system sound
  • 2 USB 2.0 ports charge devices and power AKG wireless systems (with optional JBL adapter cable)
  • Two channels of true +48V phantom power expand microphone support
  • Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity allows remote system control of up to 10 units using the JBL Pro Connect app
  • Full app control using JBL Pro Connect
  • Weight: 25.7 kg

JBL Pro Connect app

Add expect to pay: $2,599.00

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