First Look at Source Audio EQ2 Pedal: Sculpt Your Desired EQ

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We managed to get our hands on one of the first Source Audio EQ2 pedals to hit the country a few weeks ago, boasting 10 fully adjustable frequency bands that allow you to sculpt your desired EQ paradise with further tweaking available in – you guessed it – the Neuro software app. But what does this pedal actually do? and how can you use it in your workflow? Let’s take a look… 

Like every pedal in the One Series range the EQ2 features stereo inputs and outputs, these get handy when you use the Neuro app to route two different effects / EQ shapes to each output. One signal to an amp the other to a desk/recording interface for example, pretty neat.  

The EQ2’s frequency bands range from 31HZ to 16KHZ with a 16dB boost/cut… to give you an idea of the range bass amps generally start sculpting around the 40HZ  range and guitar amp EQ sections generally max out around 7KHZ. This gives you a large frequency range to dial in your desired tones. When it comes to setting up your new EQ template the parametric EQ interface on the Neuro app makes it very easy, drag to your desired frequency range hit save and further edit on the pedal if needs be.  

The output knob on the pedal can be used as a simple clean boost with up to 12dB of further volume when the pedal is engaged. The blue Led inside the control knob also intensifies with each incremental boost, pretty cool.  

Store up to 8 EQ presets on the pedal with a further 120 accessible via MIDI connection/controllerAs with all One Series pedals, the ‘control Input’ connection can open up the use of a second switch or even an expression pedal. These secondary units can be mapped to control a myriad of functions within each pedal. This ‘under the hood’’ next-level manipulation is really something Source Audio do well.  

The additional features on this pedal really set it apart from other products I’ve seen in the market. Both built-in limiter and noise gate features can be engaged in the Neuro software, again assignable to each output individually. Finally, and story goes a last-minute addition – a chromatic tuner is available with adjustable ‘Instrument range’ to ensure accurate calibration.  

Here’s how to use the built-in noise gate and 10 band EQ on the pedal to clean up an ‘unruly’ jazz bass tone.


Expect to pay AUD$449 SSP
US MAP price $269

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Note: Australians, please be aware that US prices do not include shipping, GST or customs duties. Be sure to check exchange rates and associated fees with your chosen payment portal when buying in foreign currency – It’s quite often better to buy local

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