First Look: Blackstar Core 30 Acoustic Amplifier

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Innovative guitar amp company Blackstar have set a new benchmark in compact, acoustic guitar amplification with the new Acoustic: Core 30. Thanks to its advanced sonics, easy-to-use layout and stacks of professional features.

The Acoustic: Core’s design is based on Blackstar’s world-renowned ID: Core digital platform, making it easy for players to utilise the different applications within guitar playing in one package. Whether you are streaming and performing online, recording at home, or playing live, this amp will cover all these things. The 30-watt amplifier has two-channels, giving you the option to plug in your guitar as well and a vocal mic. Making this a compact yet powerful multi-instrumental amplifier.

Of course, the sound is one of, if not the most important aspects of a guitar amp. It sounds great and retains the natural dynamics of your guitar and vocals while adding a rich and responsive character leaving you inspired and instantly gratified.

The built-in reverb and modulation effects are a great bonus, as well as their Super Wide Stereo technology coupled with the phase knob to give you ultimate separation between guitars and vocals.

Those professional features mentioned earlier includes an input for online streaming for apps like GarageBand or Instagram live, a USB input for easy recording, an XLR D.I out for plugging into a PA at those larger shows and an adjustable tilt-back stand to give your crowd the best sonic representation possible.

Another great bonus about this amp is how much you can expand it to become a portable busking amp. You can purchase additional accessories like the PA stand adaptor, 2-button footswitch and the PB-1, a rechargeable power bank that allows you to use the amp at its fullest capacity without mains power.

This is a feature-packed compact acoustic amp, perfect for all acoustic players in all playing situations.

First Look: Blackstar Core 30 Acoustic AmplifierMulti-input (microphone, instrument, Line In) D.I. output and more

  • 2 x Chorus & 2 x Reverb effects onboard
  • Super Wide stereo FX w/ advanced ‘Enhanced’ & ‘Vocal Clarity’ EQ options
  • Simple, high quality live streaming via the TRRS connection
  • Professional recording quality via the USB connection
  • Enhance and Vocal Clarity controls to instantly create the best possible sound
  • Adjust amp angle with the built-in tilt-stand

    First Look: Blackstar Core 30 Acoustic Amplifier

You can expect to pay $379 AUD
US MAP $199.99 

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Note: Australians, please be aware that US prices do not include shipping, GST or customs duties. Be sure to check exchange rates and associated fees with your chosen payment portal when buying in foreign currency – It’s quite often better to buy local

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