First Look: Korg NC-Q1 – Innovative DJ Headphones That Protect Your Hearing

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As DJs we need to monitor the sound from the DJ mixer and the booth monitor simultaneously explaining why DJs position their headphones on their head the way they do. This headphone position combined with loud monitoring typically puts DJs at risk of long-term hearing damage from exposure to high levels of sound. Korg’s NC-Q1 is designed to combat this by allowing you to monitor the headphone cue mix from the DJ mixer and the booth speaker simultaneously without needing to remove your headphones during your set.

The Active Noise Cancelling technology acts to suppress frequencies and auto-adjust according to the outside environment. This works in conjunction with the ear cup pads which are made of high-density memory foam that acts to provide excellent noise isolation, allowing the inbuilt microphones to feed precise sound into the earcups. These microphones are capable of withstanding high levels of outside sound without breaking up and distorting.

Most importantly, if you’re a DJ it’s time to start protecting one of your greatest assets, your ears!!


  • Outstanding Noise cancelling and noise filtering.
  • Smart monitoring with sound enhancing
  • Hands-free calling with clear audio and beamforming for clear voice pickup.
  • Attenuation function for noisy environments
  • Bluetooth Siri/Google assistant supported
  • Rechargeable battery: 36 hours on a single charge.
  • Colours available: Black / White
  • Frequency response10 Hz -25000 Hz
  • Types of EQ: 3 (Hi Boost / Hi Cut / Lo Boost /Lo Cut /Loud

Available in Australia end of March, 2021

Expect to pay AUD $499.00

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