First Look: Universal Audio Volt 276 Interface 1176 Compressor Demo with Modal Cobalt8M

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Universal Audio recently announced its new lineup of USB audio interfaces. The Volt series of interfaces are great for project studios, collaborators, musicians and producers as well as live streamers and content creators. We got lucky and Universal Audio hooked us up with the Volt 276 that features their “best in class” vintage mic pre-amp mode, and an analogue compressor based on UA’s 1176 limiting amplifier. 

The Volt 276 has 3 compressor settings, VOC, GTR and FAST, these are designed for different audio sources and recording applications. However, in this demo, we decided to run the Cobalt8M virtual analogue synth through to see what the go was and explore how the 1176 and the vintage mic mode could affect the warm VA sound of the Modal Cobalt8M synth. 

On first impressions, I love how it’s as simple as pressing a button to engage the compressor and vintage mic pre mode. The visual feedback from the backlit buttons is great and you can immediately hear a rich level of depth to the sound as you cycle through the different compressor modes. Obviously, VOC would indicate that this is a pre-set designed best for vocals however, from my experience with the synth this was my favourite mode and sounded the best. Look forward to seeing and hearing how people use the different compressor modes on the Volt, let us know what you run through it!

I’m keen to try some other gear and instruments specifically a drum machine or a bass guitar. Check the video below, and keep it locked to Noisegate for more videos soon.

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