Free Arturia CS-80 V ‘Blade Runner Blues’ Patch

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Owning an actual Yamaha CS-80 is, safe to say, fairly out of reach for most enthusiasts today. Fortunately Arturia’s CS-80 V is a very faithful software reproduction – without the 100kg heft and $20k+ pricetag. And lucky for us, nice people like Paul Schilling exist, who are willing to put in the hard yards to program in all the nuances of Vangelis’ Blade Runner Blues patch and give it away for free. 

Here’s what Schilling has to say about it:

The Blade Runner Blues lead / harmonica patch is one of the most expressive patches Vangelis ever did on the CS-80. Among other things it features sensitive and fine-tuned velocity and aftertouch response, with quite different settings for each of the two synth lines.

Since it is not directly derived from the CS-80’s preset buttons (many of his other go-to patches were), and especially because it has so many expressive nuances, it is not a straightforward patch to recreate.

After many hours of micro-tweaking every possible parameter on the CS-80 V and much A/B comparison, this is the closest I have gotten.

Grab your free download here

Buy CS-80 V or try the demo here



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