Free Download: Ableton Live Generative MIDI Racks by Sonic Bloom

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Berlin-based certified Ableton Live trainer Madeleine Bloom is a constant source of inspiration to the Ableton Live users in the team here at Noisegate, and her latest free download is a doozy. 3 fully macro’d MIDI effect racks that will take a simple one-note midi clip and generate endless note, chord and arpeggio progressions thanks to some very clever programming. 

The 3 ‘SB Regenerator’ racks are compatible with Ableton Live 9.7 Intro and up. Simply add the racks to a MIDI track with an instrument, a MIDI clip and a single not — let the racks do the rest!

Madeleine is one of the most knowledgeable sources of Ableton Live wizardly out there, and has been running her blog Sonic Bloom since 2012, offering many free and paid downloads. Not only is Madeleine a certified trainer, she also worked for Ableton’s tech support for a few years, so has a behind-the-scenes understanding of what’s under the hood that very few others do.  We highly recommend you explore her website if you haven’t already.


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