Free Download: Baby Audio’s Baby Comeback CM Delay Plugin with Ducking

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BABY Audio recently released a scaled down freebie version of their excellent Comeback Kid delay plugin exclusively for Computer Music Magazine subscribers, but now the offer has been opened to anyone chasing some more delay options.

Comeback Kid is an excellent delay plugin with a wide variety of characters available in a nice and clear interface. A feature that really made it stand out from the pack is the inbuilt Ducker that reduces the level of the delay lines when the dry signal is present. This is a really handy feature for keeping your mix clear and preventing the delay from obscuring your dry signal – a particularly handy feature for vocals.

 The great news for you is that BABY Audio have been kind enough to include that feature in Baby Comeback, as well as 4 different flavours of delay:

  • Wide: A modern, clean and extra wide sounding delay.
  • Analog: A darker delay, reminiscent of vintage tape and bucket brigade echo units.
  • Saucey: Utilizes Comeback Kid’s stereo and flavoring tools for a wet and lush delay sound.
  • Cheap: A lofi delay sound inspired by 1980s rack units.

Download available via BABY Audio here: https://babyaud.io/freebies


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