Free Download: Magenta Studio – Machine Learning Put to Work in Ableton Live

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It was bound to happen at some point *cue Sarah Conner’s Skynet monologue*, a research team at Google has packaged their machine learning AI technology into a neat and incredible easy to use group of tools called Magenta Studio that runs in Ableton Live or as a standalone app. It contains 5 tools: ContinueGrooveGenerateDrumify, and Interpolate, which let you apply their musical modelling to your MIDI clips within the Session View.

The machine learning software has been fed a data set of countless hours of music, resulting in tools that range in use from humanising existing MIDI clips (adding natural swing and velocity variation), generating drum or melody patterns from scratch, to reading an existing MIDI clip and coming up with possible variations or even writing very convincing drum parts around an existing melody.

The tools are open source, so if you’re a developer and want take a look under the hood and have a tinker, the opportunity is there.

The technology itself is incredibly interesting, but admittedly a lot of it goes over our heads — The team at CDM have written a really great breakdown, check it out here if you want to you want to dig in. Otherwise, download the tools here (warning – it’s over 800mb).

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