Free Presets for Your Arturia MatrixBrute Synth

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The ARTURIA MatrixBrute is a beast of a synthesiser and is one of those synths you need to spend time with to fully realise the potential of the instrument, which in a way is limitless.

For those of you who haven’t had the time to program your own bank of sounds, we have gathered and filtered some awesome preset banks that can be used with your Arturia MatrixBrute. These presets have been made by talented sound designers and musicians, and with their help, you will be able to increase your sound pallete and hopefully your knowledge and use of the instrument.

Picking up pieces of infinity
Matrixperimental Synth
Free Presets for Your Arturia MatrixBrute Synth
Past and modern classics unite
Marc Doty's Signature

Pioneering musician and synth expert Chris Stack has put together a selection of 16 MatrixBrute presets resulting from his irrepressible aspiration for sonic experimentation.

Evocative like no others and infused with a deep sense of motion, Chris Stack’s presets for MatrixBrute takes full advantage of its extensive feature set and modulation possibilities. They will let you build limitless soundscapes, but they will also supply you with masses of inspiration to imagine your future songs and soundtracks.

As a tribute to the original and experimental Kraftwerk track, The Robots, Claudio Passavanti designed a MatrixBrute preset bank that will let you fully recreate this electronic music cornerstone.

Combining simple waveforms with in-depth sound design, Claudio turns back time with MatrixBrute. Keeping within the Kraftwerk realm, he takes the sound of a synthesizer to a level that many can’t reach. The classic synth lead line, the paraphonic parts, the carefully crafted patches using MatrixBrute’s unique Modulation Matrix and filter section, makes this sound pack fun and inspiring.

Marc Doty’s Signature sound bank for MatrixBrute is nothing less than what you would expect from such an accomplished synth expert and tutor.

Showing off the huge creative potential of Arturia’s mothership, Marc has created a collection of presets which make the most of its extensive feature set and flexibility. This collection of 32 presets evokes the distinctive feeling of some illustrious legendary keyboards and synthesizers using the synths paraphony. He also explored a wide array of specific sonic applications such as vocal tones, percussive patches, keys, pads and even polyphonic sequences.

Paul Nazca's Signature
Old-school to cutting edge
Beyond the Matrix
A Journey Through Time
Radiophonic Workshop
Feel the music
Touched by Grace

Candium Record’s founder and synth guru Paul Nazca digs deep inside MatrixBrute to create some innovative and experimental sounds.

An eclectic mix of old-school basses, quirky leads, textural effects, and sweeping pads, the 24 presets in Paul Nazca Signature reveal a different side to MatrixBrute. Perfect to use as-is in your tracks, or a great starting place for developing your own signature sounds based on Nazca’s deep understanding of this paraphonic powerhouse.

Created by Victor Morello, one of the most experienced MatrixBrute users on the planet. Victor has been creating iconic sounds for the MatrixBrute since it was on the drawing board, and now you can expand the soundset of this analog beast with his knowledge and experience. Mixing classic old-school synth sounds with contemporary techno and IDM patches, the 32 presets in Beyond The Matrix show you what’s possible with this modern day legend: pseudo polyphonic sequences, drum sequences, and even a nod to extreme metal. The sound bank also contains some incredibly textural, other-worldly SFX.

The BBC Radiophonic Workshop are considered to be among the most crucial, influential forces in the world of synthesis and sound design. Now, MatrixBrute owners can experience their incredible sonic legacy first hand.

The Radiophonic Workshop sound bank contains 12 finely crafted preset sounds, created by the musical pioneers themselves. No standard lead and bass sounds here, instead you’ll find haunting soundscapes, thrashing cacophonies, other-worldly noises, and a huge dose of creative inspiration. Thanks to the Radiophonic Workshop, MatrixBrute owners will have access to sounds that have shaped radio, TV, and film scores and soundtracks for over 50 years.

Working together, the sound designers of Arturia and the Touché Expressive E have combined their strengths to create a collection of 16 MatrixBrute presets that demonstrate the awesome power of this musical marriage. Containing a nice mix of leads, pads, bass, and sweeping sequences, as well as instructions on how to set up the controller with MatrixBrute, this is a great starting place for all Touché owners. Even if you don’t own Expressive E’s tactile controller, you can still enjoy the presets.

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