FREE DOWNLOAD: Stranger Things Theme Ableton Live Project

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Did you also binge the entire season of Netflix’s Stranger Things 2 over the weekend? SURVIVE‘s ’80s style synthesised soundtrack once again shimmers brilliantly throughout, adding that extra element of nostalgia for viewers and synth freaks alike. To celebrate, we’ve built a FREE Ableton Live project for you featuring the two main building blocks of the Stranger Things theme – the arpeggio and bassline.

Obviously this isn’t a full recreation of the theme, there’s alot more going on than just the arp and bassline in the track, but it’s a pretty good starting point if you wanted to have a crack at making a remix, or if you’re just keen to take a look at the structure. We also dialed in some pretty decent approximations of vintage synths using Live’s native ‘Analog’ instrument – no third party plug-ins were used in this project.

Download here

Don’t have Ableton Live? No problem, here’s screenshots of the two piano rolls so you can program it into your DAW or hardware of choice. Enjoy.

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Stranger Things Theme Arpeggio
Stranger Things Theme Bassline