GigBoard: New Multi-Effects Pedalboard by HeadRush

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Headrush unveils the Gigboard, a cheaper, physically scaled down version of its massively powerful Pedalboard multi-effect unit and it makes use of a powerful Eleven Rack Sound Engine.

Even though HeadRush have given the GigBoard the mini-me treatment, on spec it appears to remain as powerful under the hood as its acclaimed predecessor, boasting identical quad-core processing power, Eleven HD DSP software and 7″ touchscreen interface, so the Gigboard only loses out in terms of inputs and outputs.

This Gigboard also features unlimited tweakability and sonic possibilities through its powerful amp modelling interface. GigBoard also offers the option to load custom and third-party effects patches and voices in addition to its huge range of onboard models, so there are plenty of tine choices with this one.

All other features from the original are bundled into this unit, including a 20-minute looper, 24 bit quality and a rugged steel chasis with LED footswitches. The unit also weighs in at a very slight 3.24 kilograms – in a nutshell.

Check it out below:


Exclusive custom-designed quad-core DSP system

Powered by Eleven HD Expanded DSP software

Compact chassis for mounting on existing pedalboards or desktop studio use

Realistic and responsive amp, mic and FX modelling

Gapless pre-set switching with reverb/delay tail spill over7” high-resolution display with intuitive touch interface

Hands-free edit mode for quick on-the-fly live editing

Road-ready steel chassis; four footswitches with dedicated colour LEDs

Record and reamp via USB with quality up to 24-bit/96KHz

Load your own custom impulse response files

Looper has 20 minutes of record time, with peel feature


Footswitches: 4 Footswitches with Colour LEDs

Knobs: 300° Master Volume Knob, 360° Navigation/Data Encoder

Display: Full-colour LED-backlit Display with Touch Interface, 150 x 93 mm

Connectors: TS Input (Guitar), TRS Input (Exp Pedal), TS Input (Exp Pedal Toe Switch), Stereo Input (Aux Device), TRS Output (Ext Amp Switch), TRS Input (Send), TRS Output (Return), 5-pin MIDI Input, 5-pin MIDI Output/Thru, USB Type-B Port, IEC Power Input

Power: Connection DC Power Adapter Input, 19VDC, 3.42A, Centre-Positive

Dimensions: 329.2 x 225.6 x 67.1 mm

Weight: 3.24 kg

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