Greenwave Beth: 3 Favourite Things about the MicroKorg XL+

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Greenwave Beth have been described as a “musical risk” by founder and creator Charles Rushforth and they do this by combining the restrictive and industrial sounds of midi sequenced drum and bass with the MPC1000 and the MicroKorg XL+, along with free form songwriting. Their performances are explosive and impulsive, where they have been electrocuted on stage, fought through riotous audiences and blown up entire music systems, but none of this stops them.

With a handful of bedroom recorded singles online, they are just released their debut EP ‘People in Agony’ and we asked Charles the question- What are the 3 Favourite Things about the MicroKorg XL+ ?

“Some instruments’ best features are never mentioned in their advertising. Did you know the Rickenbacker 4005 is highly effectively at fending off burglars when wielded as a weapon? Or that the Roland SPD can be converted into a Nintendo switch with just four easy and warranty-voiding 3rd party modifications? Here are some blood simple advantages of one of my staple synthesizers, the Microkorg XL+”

It takes batteries!

The hardest part about being in a band is people. They groan and drag their heels one moment, then are indignant and vengeful the next when you threaten to replace them with synthesisers. For those of you who have trodden that path by purchasing a MicroKorg XL+, the hardest part about being in a band is remembering the appropriate cables that power the instruments you’ve bought to replace the people that have wronged you. Remember seething with rage upon opening your hardcase before a gig and discovering that your housemate has taken your 12v adapter to power some aspect of his bedroom soundcloud-rap project?  Relax, the Microkorg XL+ takes batteries. Adrian can never hurt you again.

Greenwave Beth: 3 Favourite Things about the MicroKorg XL+

It’s affordable!

Many good things in life are free, like plugins or desktop digital design software… Everything else, however, comes at a cost and most synthesisers are unfortunately priced around the amount it costs to have a lovely holiday in Europe. In this economy, maybe picture a brief sojourn around Eastern Europe, but nonetheless, a lovely holiday. Why not have both and set your sights on a Microkorg XL+ instead of something the size, weight and price of a North American freeway.

It’s portable!

There are places you shouldn’t take music. Public beaches, the Coogee to Bondi coastal walk, public transport. Nothing makes these spaces harder to navigate than someone in active-wear with a UE boom over their shoulder playing a house remix of “Cotton-eyed Joe”. That said when you literally have to take an instrument somewhere, durability and size is key. Having a penchant for analogue gear and solid-state rack synths is all well and good until you have to carry it on the bus. Can you picture Tom Oberheim with a strap of leather around his forehead to take the strain of a pelican case with the dignity and silent suffering of a Nepalese Sherpa? Just get something you can fit in your tote bag, doofus

Charles Rushforth from Greenwave Beth: 3 Favourite Things about the MicroKorg XL+ 'People in Agony'

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