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Australia has been exporting guitars to musicians across the globe for the past 60+ years, some brands have come and gone but a select few have stood the test of time and continue to create world class instruments. In a very competitive and trying guitar market we can still see a select number of Aussie brands dominating in their field, ‘Made in Australia’ with the finest materials these guitars are sought after the world over. From acoustic guitars that have barely changed their methods in the 40 years to genre-breaking 8 string electric guitars, the variety of guitar manufacturers in Australia is nothing short of amazing. Here’s a few making waves.


Established in the 1940’s Maton are one of the oldest guitar companies in Australia. Boasting endorsees such as Josh Homme of QOTSA & Tommy Emmanuel. Maton have managed to capture not only the acoustic but electric market with their offerings. The company pride themselves on sourcing traditional tone woods from Australia. Queensland Maple, Queensland Walnut & Victorian Blackwood featuring heavily on guitars produced from Maton.

Shub Guitars

A small custom shop run by John Shub, he strives to make ‘one of a kind’ guitars. His guitars and basses definitely have a retro-vibe to them with a strong presence of jagged asymmetrical shapes throughout his custom builds. Shub guitars are a small operation but hold prestige and notoriety throughout the guitar community globally. Offering a repair and maintenance service in house you can be assured all guitars leaving Shub will come playing great straight from the case.

Ormsby Guitars

Perry Ormsby has exploded onto the scene in the las few years with his fanned fret progressive designs. Using many Australian woods and local sourced timbers in his Australian made guitars, Ormsby have captured the attention of many guitarists with exotic tops and extended scale guitars on offer. Fanned frets feature heavily in Perry’s designs showing to be very popular in the metal scene, detuned guitars benefit greatly in this setup offering even tension across the neck.

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