How To Release Your Music On Vinyl

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The popularity of records, or vinyl as it it most often called, has skyrocketed in the past few years thanks to music fans looking for that authentic analogue sound that you just can’t get from digital files or CD’s.

In reality, vinyl never went away – it just became harder to find due to many record plants shutting down after the major record labels decided to bet on CD’s as the be all and end all of music distribution to the masses.

And of course, many DJ’s still prefer vinyl – particularly in Drum & Bass and Hip Hop circles. In recent years there has been an increase in popularity of the 7″ single as a DJ format because they are small, light, and often rare.

The flow-on effect of this resurgence is that bands want to release their music on vinyl. So what are the technical steps to actually releasing your music on vinyl?

This article from Mixdown explains these steps clearly. In summary:

  1. Mastering for Vinyl
  2. Australian Pressing Vs. Overseas Pressing
  3. Test Pressings
  4. Distribution

For more information on pressing your next vinyl record, be sure to contact Zenith Records and Implant Media


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