Huge Modal ARGON8 Firmware Update Adds Poly Step-Sequencer, MPE Support & More

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We’re big fans of Modal synths here at Noisegate and after seeing the ARGON8 family up close at this year’s NAMM show, we got our hands on them as soon as they hit Aussie shores. 

As powerful as ARGON8 was at launch, Modal has today announced Firmware 2.0 which adds a tonne of new features, as well as some welcome updates. Here’s the condensed version: 

  • New Polyphonic Step Sequencer – This is a great addition to the existing real-time sequencer for more precise polyphonic sequencing with up to 8 notes per step, along with the four Animation lanes. 
  • Selectable Envelopment Curves –  ARGON8 has never been short on choice with its huge range of waveforms, and there are now “seven new envelope types with three additional curves (Snappy, Soft, Linear) and Long variants which possess a maximum release time of ten seconds.” 
  • Audio Output Gain and Boost – Several ARGON8 users have observed a somewhat low output level so it’s great to see this addressed via a firmware update. Modal also states: 

“We have also increased the range of the Patch Gain control, allowing you to balance even the quietest patches, and dramatically improved the audio quality while decreasing noise floor, so adding gain from external sources doesn’t introduce unwanted noise.” Most impressive. 

  • MPE Support – Not content with merely run-of-the-mill aftertouch, ARGON8 now supports MPE which is an ideal match for such a powerful and expressive polyphonic sound engine. You will still, of course, need an MPE capable controller as the ARGON8 hardware itself does not transmit MPE messages. See our article for more info on MPE. 

Also new in Firmware 2.0 is a Chord Invert function, new delay modes, an updated MODALapp software editor/plugin as well as a variety of new patches to show off the 2.0 functionality. See Modal’s website for more info. 

ARGON8 Firmware 2.0 is available now via the new MODALapp and to celebrate, Modal is hosting a webinar on Saturday, May 23rd at the convenient time of 1:00 am AEST. For those international Noisegate readers, that’s Friday, May 22, 2020. 5 pm CEST. 


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