Is this the World’s Best Hardware Sequencer? Arturia Update Keystep Pro

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Let’s see how many people I can trigger with this opening sentence: Arturia’s KeyStep Pro is the best hardware synth sequencer in the history of the world— change my mind. To be honest, I’m not here to rile up anyone; rather, I’m here to provide you with some information. Arturia has given the KeyStep Pro a firmware update V2.0 that might as well make it the best hardware sequencer in the history of the world (obviously in my opinion).

New features include:

● Record Chord Mode – record Chord Mode chords into a sequence.

● Record Arpeggios in sequences – now record arpeggios into a sequence.

● Global transpose – transpose multiple melodic tracks at the same time.

● Global value offset – apply a relative offset for any of the 5 main controls for every step

across the selected track pattern.

● Arpeggios while stopped – create and play arpeggios while KeyStep Pro

isn’t playing.

● MIDI Thru – MIDI Out 2 can now be set to Thru mode.

● Mono Mode: has been refactored for a smoother experience.

● Arpeggio swing – add swing amount to arpeggios using shift.

● Step Listen – trigger sequence steps without playing a sequence and preview notes.

● Various workflow and UX improvements.

● Bug fixes – various improvements to workflow and functionality

ARTURIA Keystep Pro V2For me, the standout feature includes the ability to record the ‘chord mode’ into the sequencer as well as being able to record the arpeggio. These are huge additions as I use the KeyStep Pro’s Chord Mode all the time, however previously I found myself getting frustrated, I couldn’t simply record it freely into my pattern sequence. The same applies with the Arp, I was previously unable to record the arpeggios into the sequence and probably the reason I never really used it as much as I should have, however now I’m really excited about using it!

To update – simply download and install the MIDI Control Centre from Arturia’s website, connect your controller via USB then download and install your updates. Happy sequencing!


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