JBL EON One Compact: Tool-Free Battery Changing & Charging is Now a Reality

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With the portable PA market ever-expanding, the need for brands to keep an edge over their competition is ever-present. One way of doing this is to bring out new systems, or alternatively release some handy accessories for their established systems.

Whilst JBL release some great PA systems, they decided to bring out some really useful accessories for their Eon One Compact that make them even more portable and user friendly.

The Eon One Compact is a battery-powered PA and it makes a great deal of sense to allow customers to purchase extra batteries, which is one of the new accessories. JBL has released a dual battery charger so when one battery dies the other one is ready and fully charged (the alternative being charging the batteries while they are inside the PA and hot-swapping them).

The other accessory is a gamechanger – a USB to 9 volts or 12-volt connection. This means that musicians can power their guitar/effects pedals, synthesizers or anything that takes 9 or 12 volts while performing out, making the Eon One Compact a portable workhorse with a great deal of flexibility for those who need both portable sound reinforcement and power.

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