JBL Pro Connect App for JBL PRXONE, EON700 and EON ONE MK2 Portable PA Systems

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JBL have been making serious moves recently and their new Pro Connect app for their newest PAs: EON ONE MK2, PRX ONE and EON 700 series, which makes set and control a breeze. Having the same control app for multiple PA families opens up many of the cool features across compatible JBL PAs.

The Pro Connect app can have up to ten PAs connected at once which means you can control a complete sound system, both front of house and foldback speakers, from a single device and all wirelessly! The app also gives you access to all onboard processing, where you can save the individual DSP and mixer settings and group PAs for easy control. This is a massive bonus for mobile DJs and musicians who don’t have a dedicated engineer as they can control their entire PA system from where they stand without having to go back and forth to adjust each individual speaker.

The GUI looks slick, its design is easy to read with everything laid out thoughtfully. In addition, the Pro Connect app has plenty of real-world orientated EQ and dynamic control presets, a great feature for people who want to dial up a sound quickly without being a sound engineer. The app can also update the firmware for any connected speaker painlessly and makes trouble-shooting software much easier.

JBL have put some clever design and features into this companion app and essentially turns your mobile device into your own portable sound engineer. Easier enough to control and operate for those who aren’t too familiar with audio processing, and deep enough for professionals who need to sculpt a particular sound. JBL has struck a great balance with this very helpful app that ultimately saves everyone precious time and effort when setting up their JBL PA systems!

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