JBL Professional Updates PRX800 Loudspeaker Series with V2 Firmware

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The JBL Professional PRX800 Series has just been updated with V2 Firmware that will now let you set up and experience the best that the PRX800 loudspeaker currently has to offer.

So What’s New in the V2 Firmware Update?

Through customer research, they’ve learned that PRX800 customers typically do two things immediately upon setting up: turn up the bass EQ and input gain. The PRX800 V2 firmware update now adds two default settings that ensure optimal sound, out of the box, and the ability to revert back to the speaker’s previous default settings.

New in the PRX800 V2 Firmware Update:

Enhanced Bass Tuning (PRX812 and PRX815): This new default tuning preset features enhanced low frequencies. You will immediately notice a warmer and fuller tone and will be particularly impressed when playing bass-heavy music including pop, hip hop and EDM. (A flat tuning is also available.)

More Control over Input Gain (all models except subwoofers): Line-level inputs now include options for Hi and Lo input sensitivity settings. Lo input sensitivity is pre-set by the update, which will result in louder playback by default without having to touch the Input Gain knob. You can switch to Hi input sensitivity, the previous default setting, with a simple flip of a switch in the PRX Connect App.

This free upgrade provides a fresh way to experience their full power, clarity and nuance, as well as showcase the robust capabilities of the PRX Connect App.

* PRX800-series loudspeakers began shipping from the factory with V2 firmware on 4th March 2019. If you bought your PRX800series speakers before this date, you do not have the latest firmware. After that date, existing store inventory still may also not have the latest firmware.

PRX800 owners can update to V2 easily from the latest version of the PRX Connect App: https://bddy.me/2XJKYBp

• Make sure that you have the latest PRX Connect App from the Android Play Store or the Apple App Store.

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