Just Sounds: 7 Aguilar Bass Pedals in 7 Days

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Like many of us over the last couple of weeks, I have been working from home. Whilst the couch and Playstation combo was extremely appealing I thought I’d better keep the creativity flowing. Before I left the office, I grabbed a heap of Aguilar pedals and planned to record some tracks. This quickly morphed into “7 pedals in 7 days”. Here it is – one pedal per day, posted individually on my socials along with asking my mates to collaborate and send me beats/backing tracks to use on these videos. So what does 7 Aguilar Bass Pedals sound like in 7 Days? Check out these results:

Day 1 – CHORUSAURUS – Chorus Pedal

I’ve never been a huge fan of the bass chorus but instantly found the Chorusaurus really useable. I chose to keep the demo heavily chord-based which highlighted the modulation pretty well I thought. Based out of Scotland, my good mate Buddy AKA “Kusht’’ was the first to send me a track and it worked great with the pedal.


Day 2 – FUZZISTOR- Fuzz Pedal

My first ever bass-crush was Timmy Commerford of Rage Against The Machine, every time I play bass with drive/fuzz I just want to play RATM riffs all day. The Fuzzistor can go from subtle to all-out fuzz madness, I used a RATM bass line to highlight this.

Day 3 – OCTAMIZER – Octave Pedal

This is one of my favourite octave pedals for bass, found on a heap of bass pedalboards across the land. Great tracking and has a solid octave tone. Emulating more of a synth-type bass tone, I used a track from Melbourne based MC “Sinks’’ on this demo.


Day 4 – FILTER TWIN – Envelope Filter Pedal

To have control of each filter on this pedal is real handy to dial in that 70’s funk vibe, this is another pedal that can be found on most boards. On this demo I enlisted the help of my mate Anthony who is a solid drummer, he whipped up a beat in his home studio and sent it over.


Day 5 – TONE HAMMER – Preamp DI Pedal

This demo highlighted the tone you can get going straight into the desk with the Tone Hammer DI. Using the preamp to sculpt my bass tone I did little to no post-production to dial in my sound. The backing track is a slamming tune from LA-based producer Daniel Hayn.


Day 6 – TLC COMPRESSOR – Compressor Pedal

This thing really impresses me. Out of all of the demos, this one to the untrained ear is most subtle but when you are playing and recording bass this made a heap of sense. Tightening the dynamic and feel of the bass, this pedal made it really easy to mix live bass with the backing track. Usually, I use a couple of Ableton Live compressors to even out the signal but the TLC was all I needed. Shout out to Noisegate’s own Leroy for supplying the beat!


Day 7 – GRAPE PHASER – Phaser Pedal

The last pedal I had lined up was a phaser pedal, I instantly thought Larry Graham / 70’s funk and ran with the idea. Phasers are sometimes difficult to use in a track unless you want to go all-out crazy, I found with the Grape Phaser you can tweak it to give you a subtle ‘’quack’’ to your tone (making it very useable in a heap of situations).

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