Korg Announces New Volcas and Minilogue xd

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Korg has just confirmed three new product announcements ahead of the 2019 NAMM trade show – 2 new additions to their ultra-portable Volca series and an upgrade/expansion to their 2016 analogue synthesiser, the Minilogue. Introducing the Volca Drum digital percussion synthesiser, Volca Modular semi-modular analogue synth, and the Minilogue xd hybrid digital/analogue polyphonic synthesiser.

NAMM show is like a 2nd Christmas for many, as we find out what products the world’s leading music gear companies are set to release in 2019. These three from Korg may not come as a surprise to some as the internet has been awash with leaked photos and rumours of these since late December, however now we can put these rumours to bed. Here’s what we know.

Volca Drum

Korg Announces New Volcas and Minilogue Ahead of the NAMM Show 2019

The Volca series is joined by a new rhythm machine that looks set to add an interesting sonic character to the line. Although the range already includes drum machines like the Volca Beat and Volca Sample, the Volca Drum is a “digital percussion synthesiser” that features a newly developed six- part DSP sound engine and a dynamic FX section. The six parts each have two layers, and do not impose any rules or restrictions such as specifying which parts must be used for the bass drum or for the cymbal; all parts have the same specifications. We’re looking forward to getting our mits on this one.

  • Flexible DSP digital synth engine
  • Physical modelling resonator effect
  • 16 step sequencer with 69 possible motion-recorded parameter changes
  • Wide range parameter automation

These are set to land in Australia in March this year.

Volca Modular

Korg Announces New Volcas and Minilogue Ahead of the NAMM Show 2019

Modular synthesis has seen a dramatic rise in popularity over the past 5 years, and although Korg haven’t entered the Eurorack market, they’ve often embraced the control-voltage plug’n’play ethos of modular gear with semi-modular synths like their revived MS-20 and the SQ-1 sequencer. However, this is the first time we’ve seen Korg experiment with ditching traditional analogue subtractive synthesis in favour of the wave-bending West Coast style synthesis – traditionally the domain of high-end manufacturers like Buchla (bit of a Buchla homage in the colour scheme too). It features 8 modules and 50 patch points accessible via included custom pin-ended cables. This is likely the most affordable synthesiser of its type ever made. And yes. like all Volcas it can be powered by AA batteries.

  • 1 Voice, 2 VCO, 2 EG, 2 Lo-Pass Gate and digital FX
  • 16 step sequencer
  • Ships with patch cables and reference sheet for beginners.

These are set to land in Australia in February this year.

Minilogue xd

Korg Announces New Volcas and Minilogue Ahead of the NAMM Show 2019

If you loved the Minilogue you’re going to love the Minilogue xd. It features a digital multi-engine as a third OSC in addition to the 2 analogue VCOs already on board. The multi-engine made its debut with Korg’s flagship Prologue synth in 2018, it carries a bank of digital waveforms for expanded sound design. But what got everyone talking was the software developer kit Korg released for the multi-engine, enabling developers to design and load custom-built oscillators onto the synthesiser. This initiative seems to have really taken off recently with some particularly impressive releases by high profile sound designers.
In addition, we have a redesigned polyphonic step sequencer, three types of effects banks that can be used simultaneously (modulation, reverb and delay) and micro tuning, as featured on the Monologue.
The Minilogue was always a capable synth, and created waves this time three years ago with its affordable price tag and analogue polyphony – but there were shortcomings. The xd takes the Minilogue core design and builds on its principles to an end that looks downright incredible. We’re extremely excited to get our hands this – combining digital and analogue synthesis is an unusual feature for a synth at a lower price point.

More Info on the KORG Digital Multi Engine Here
Custom User Oscillators by Sinevibes Here

  • Digital Multi Engine with 3 different sound types (noise, VPM, user)
  • Stereo FX  and Stereo output jacks on dual 1/4″ jacks
  • Joystick X-Y control of parameters including pitch bend and modulation
  • Micro tuning
  • 16 step polyphonic step sequencer
  • re-voiced filter with added drive function

These are set to land in Australia in March this year.

For more info head to: korg.com/au

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