Korg M1 Celebrates its 30th Anniversary

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While production of the M1 may have ceased in 1995  it’s iconic sounds can still be heard on many recordings and stages around the world. Unlike any other keyboard of the time, the M1 featured a ground-breaking combination of cutting edge synthesis, digital effects, drums and an onboard sequencer. The 4MB of onboard wave ROM – while minuscule by todays standards – set the standard for professional sample based synthesisers. Further, its The the inclusion of an 8 track sequencer and a host of digital effects meant that the M1 provided an unprecedented feature-to-cost ratio.It came to define expectations of the modern ‘workstation’ and its stellar sound quality saw it surpass the popular DX7 to become the best selling synth of all time.

Needless to say, the M1 was responsible for some of the biggest dance-floor hits of the 80’s and 90’s. To celebrate we have selected a couple of our favourites to cure those weekday blues.

M1 Begins at 0:22

Patch: 41 Piano 8′

M1 Begins at 1:56

Program: 41 Piano 8′

M1 Begins at 0:14

Program: 17 Organ 2

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