Korg Announces New Prologue Synth & Volca Mix

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It’s getting close to NAMM 2018 and it comes with no surprise the assortment of  new releases being announced! Korg has some new additions to its Synth lineup as well as something we have been anxiously anticipating, a mixer for the Volca series.

So let’s take a closer look at the Prologue Synth and the Volca Mix.


Korg has unleashed two new polyphonic synthesisers that are primed to change the game once again. The Prologue 8 (8-voice) and Prologue 16 (16 Voice) synthesisers combine traditional polyphonic analog synthesis, FM synthesis and a user definable open oscillator engine (a first in a major synthesiser). The Prologue is built in Japan, implementing full-size keys, high-quality digital effects and a compressor circuit.


  • All new design:
    • Polyphonic – 8 or 16-voice models.
    • Newly developed analog synthesiser circuit even further evolved from the minilogue/monologue.
    • 2VCO+Multi Engine, 1VCF, 2EG, 1LFO, 1VCA structure.
    • 49 key (Prologue 8) or 61 key (Prologue 16) models.
    • Wave shaping control on each of the analog oscillators.
    • 2-pole low-pass filter newly tuned for polyphonic playing.
    • Aluminium front panel with oak wood side panels.
  • Voice modes:
    • The voice modes provided on the minilogue have been refined for use on the full-size keyboard- equipped prologue. Choice of four modes: POLY, MONO, UNISON, and CHORD.
    • VOICE MODE DEPTH knob controls a variety of performance expressions for different voice modes:
      • POLY: increasing the depth above 50% layers two voices and then progressively increases the presence of the sub voice and the intensity of detune
      • MONO: increases the number and presence of sub voices
      • UNISON: increases the intensity of detune CHORD: selects the current chord
  • Multi-Engine:
    • Newly developed digital oscillator Multi Engine.
    • Choose from three types of oscillator: Noise, VPM (FM), and User definable open oscillator:
      • Noise: Noise generator (four types) which allows for color control, can be modulated and has modes with key tracking,
      • VPM: VPM oscillator (16 types). KORG’s proprietary algorithm delivers sound rich in powerful overtones not available from a VCO,
      • User: User oscillator. An open oscillator that lets you use dedicated librarian software* to create your own programs and then load them into prologue. Up to 16 oscillators can be loaded at any one time. (Download free of charge from korg.com – planned for late February 2018).
  • Multi-timbral support:
    • Two-timbre support is provided: the prologue-16 provides 8+8 voices, and the prologue-8 provides 4+4 voices.
    • Choose from various modes: split, cross-fade, or layer.
    • Effects can be disabled for each timbre separately.
  • Arpeggiator:
    • Independent arpeggiator (not a type of voice mode like on the Korg Minilogue).
    • Six arpeggiator types, each with a three-octave range.
  • Digital Effects:
    • Two effect units are built-in: a programmable Mod Effects unit and a Reverb/Delay unit.
    • Mod Effects lets you choose from multiple flavors of ensemble, chorus, flanger, phaser and user effects (up to 16).
    • Using the same librarian software as the user oscillator, you can create and use your own modulation effects.
    • Reverb/Delay provides a choice of multiple reverb and delay options.
  • L.F. COMP:
    • A  low-frequency analog booster/compressor (equipped with a VU meter) is provided as a master effect. L.F. Comp effect (Prologue 16 only).
  • Program Management:
    • 500 Program Memory
    • Program Sort Function with Eight sorting methods:
      • PROG NUM: Sort program by number
      • CATEGORY: Sort by program category
      • ALPHABETICAL: Sort programs alphabetically
      • LIKE: Sort by programs that you “liked”
      • FREQUENT: Sort by how frequently a program was used
      • ENVELOPE: Sort by envelope shape
      • RANDOM: Sort randomly
      • LIVE SET: Sort programs registered in a live set
NAMM 2018: Korg Announces Prologue and Volca Mix
NAMM 2018: Korg Announces Prologue and Volca Mix
NAMM 2018: Korg Announces Prologue and Volca Mix
NAMM 2018: Korg Announces Prologue and Volca Mix
NAMM 2018: Korg Announces Prologue and Volca Mix
NAMM 2018: Korg Announces Prologue and Volca Mix
NAMM 2018: Korg Announces Prologue and Volca Mix
NAMM 2018: Korg Announces Prologue and Volca Mix


Finally! A mixer to compliment the KORG Volca range. The Volca Mix is a portable performance style mixer with onboard power management for up to three Volcas, master effects, filters on each channel as well as a Send/Return channel and the ability to act as a master clock.


  • Same form factor as other Volca units.
  • Four channel analog mixer
    • Two mono channels plus one stereo channel (two if AUX IN is included), allowing analog mixing of three or four volca units.
    • Three 400 mm long audio cables included.
  • Volume sliders for each channel plus gain boost when raised above 0 dB .
  • Low/High Pass filter on each channel – controlled by a single knob with centre indent.
  • Stereo Send/Return.
    • Individual send amount control on each channel.
  • RCA jack line output and built-in stereo speakers.
  • DC output capable of supplying power to three volca units.
    • Package includes an AC adapter and three dedicated 350 mm DC cables.
  • Sync output with play button.
    • Allows Volca mix to be used as the master clocking source for live setups. Can be sync’d with volca series units, electribe series units, SQ1, minilogue, monologue or units such as the Arturia DrumBrute or the Teenage Engineering PO series
    • Included sync cable.
  • Master Effects:
    • Analog Stereo Expander – broadens a mono source into a stereo sound image.
    • Analog Dynamic Range Compressor with side chain.


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