Korg Release Big Firmware Updates for minilogue xd, Grandstage and Vox Continental

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Korg have quietly updated the system software of their minilogue xd, Grandstage and Vox Continental keyboards to version 2 adding new features and new sounds as well as general improvements, and bug fixes. Here’s the breakdown from Korg’s website:

minilogue xd firmware version 2.0:

The headlines here are aftertouch support (via external control), arpeggiator speed and gate time control, sequencer key transpose (so you can ‘play’ the sequence on the keyboard) and active step control, a really handy feature for on-the-fly changes to your sequence.  Here’s the full list:

  • Display original value
  • Support for key trig feature (as on monologue)
  • Support for active step feature
  • Support for reception and assignment of MIDI aftertouch
  • Added controls for arpeggiator speed and gate time
  • Added option to turn off oscilloscope display
  • Support for MIDI set position messages
  • Logue-sdk minor update to API version 1.1-0 (developer features)
  • Fixed occasional inversion of swing pattern when changing programs

minilogue xd Sound Librarian Version 1.0.5

  • Support for User Unit Import on File Menu.
  • Support for Unit File for Nu:Tekt NTS-1 digital KIT.
  • Support for macOS Catalina.


Grandstage firmware version 2.0:

64 unique signature sounds have been added to expand the range of timbre variations.

  • Piano: A cinema piano that creates the atmosphere of a movie scene, a piano that sounds from the radio, and a thick piano sound that combines synths and electric sounds.
  • Piano: Inspired by the signature sounds of numerous famous songs such as Wobble Wah and Distortion, unique effect variations not found in previous presets.
  • Clav: Combination of unique effects such as Comp, Talk Mod, Wah + Distortion.
  • Organ: Organ sound that matches the characteristics of music genres such as Funk, Blues, Gospel.
  • Strings, Brass: Bright brass sounds that sound good even in the band, and nostalgic vintage synth strings.
  • Synth, Bell/Guitar: LFO-driven motion pads, sounds that match the latest music.
  • SFX: Numerous SFX variations that can be used between MCs on stage.


Vox Continental firmware version 2.0:

58 versatile and usable sounds have been added. Enhanced keyboard tone variations such as Soft Grand Piano for ballads and singing, including Small Grand Pianos, Forte Piano (that is based on the original piano from 18-19th-centuries), Harpsichord, Electric Piano tone with effect settings, FM Electric Piano, Pianet, Toy Piano. Also, included due to popular demand are ensemble sounds such as Brass Ensemble, Mellotron, and some enhanced Synth Pads. In addition, Bass sounds such as Acoustic Bass, Electric Bass, and Synth Bass have been added for a split function. There are more timbre variations and the Vox Continental will be reborn for a wider audience.

  • Split function has been added
  • The damper effect can be enabled or disabled for each sound part
  • A scene set function has been added, and the number of scenes has increased from 16 to 64
  • The amount of noise that is characteristic of vintage organs can be adjusted
  • The tonal character of the PIANO part can be switched using the bend lever


All these updates are now available to download for free from Korg’s website via the links above.

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