Korg Wavestate 2.0 Update Brings User Sample Support, Software Editor and More

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Korg’s wavestate synthesizer introduced in 2020 kickstarted their innovative line of digital instruments, now also consisting of opsix and modwaveWavestate continues to stand out from the crowded synth market with its multi-lane sample sequencing focus, inspired by Korg’s classic wavestation from 1990. 

Despite shipping with a sizable multi-gigabyte sample library, one feature request that’s surfaced regularly since its announcement is the support for user samples. Now with the free 2.0 software update, user sample support is here along with many new features and a suite of complimentary software. 

Here’s a snippet of what’s new in wavesate software version 2.0: 

  • Support for the wavestate Editor/Librarian. 
  • Support for Sample Builder, for loading up to 4 GB of your own samples. 
  • Performance-level Hold function accessed via SHIFT-ARPEGGIATOR (see page 4). 
  • Pitch Lane Fit To Scale feature 
  • Vector Volume Curve parameter lets you control the way that Vector Volume crossfades between points 
  • Front-panel Category selection: in selection dialogs, press the 1-16 buttons to select Categories new Category, “User,” lets you quickly find your custom sounds. 
  • Maximum fade time for LFOs is increased to 9.9 seconds. 
  • NCM networking support for Windows 10.  
  • And much, much more.  

Full release notes are available on Korg’s website. 

Support for user samples is obviously a huge deal, increasing wavestate’s creative potential by several orders of magnitude (exactly how many we are unsure). We can’t wait to dive in and juggle our own samples with wavestate’s multi-dimensional Wave Sequencing and we’ll bring you a video as soon as possible.  

Of course, this is just one of the many new features in wavestate software 2.0. There are truckloads of new functionality here to improve the overall user experience such as Performance Hold and Pitch Lane ‘Fit to Scale’. Wavestate is one deep synth with some degree of menu-diving required so it’s great to see Korg refining and improving operation. 

The user experience is further enhanced with the release of an Editor/Librarian. Compared with the previously available librarian software, this release adds extensive editing functionality for those who’d prefer to not manage everything exclusively via the front panel controls.  

A new Sample Builder program is also available for preparing user samples prior to import. With support for wav files of almost any sample rate as well as metadata relating to loop points and root key, multisample groups can be mapped across the keyboard, and organized into user banks. 

Wavestate software version 2.0 is available now as a free update for all wavestate owners. For those new to wavetsate, be sure to check out our tutorial videos on Wave Sequencing, vector synthesis and Performance building. 

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