Lâg HyVibe Smart Guitar Demo – An Acoustic Guitar with Built-in Effects Unit

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What if you could grab a guitar, sit on the couch and be able to play through a delay and reverb effect without having to plug into an effects pedal or an amplifier? Well, that’s exactly what the Lâg HyVibe series lets you do.

The HyVibe system packs some incredible technology into a high quality acoustic guitar from French manufacturer, Lâg Guitars. It works by picking up the natural sound of the guitar with a piezo sensor, sending the audio through a processor, then resending processed audio into the guitar body with a network of exciters that are tuned to resonate the guitar body as if it were a speaker. In fact, you can actually use the guitar as a speaker if you wish, it features Bluetooth and you can stream audio to the guitar. Not to mention customise the onboard effects extensively with the official app. How awesome is the future!?

We brought in our friend Andy (thanks again mate!) for this demo of the HyVibe 20 THV20DCE (watch the video, it’s obvious why), who after a few nights with the guitar was thoroughly impressed. This demo runs through a few of the effects and features, we’ll have more on the Lâg HyVibe series in the coming weeks.

More info at Lâg Guitars website here.



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