Legowelt has Released his First Free Sample Pack in Over 2 Years & it’s a Doozy

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Legowelt’s a pretty interesting character – the Dutch producer is hyper productive, synth and drum machine obsessed and lucky for us, very generous. His sample packs of vintage synths and drum machines cover everything from your run-of-the-mill Roland Juno 106 to a the weirdo Yamaha PSS795 Drum Machine. Someone even recognized one of his drone samples on the most recent Four Tet record. For his latest pack, Legowelt’s offering up  375 .wav samples of the obscure and very generically named EMU Vintage Pro Synthesiser. 

What the hell is that you ask? Well here’s the word from the man himself.

The Vintage Pro is a 2002 digital synthesizer from EMU Inc. A spiritual successor to the early 90s EMU vintage Keys synthesizer – The VINTAGE PRO uses the EMU PROTEUS 1000 class synth engine. At that time EMU released a number of synths using this engine – the EMU MO PHATT aimed at hiphop genres, the EMU ORBIT for dance sounds the EMU Carnival for latin music, PLANET EARTH for world music, VIRTUOSO 2000 for classical music etc. They are all the same synths but use different waveforms to cater for the characteristics of the desired music style. The VINTAGE PRO was directed at emulating vintage 60s/70s/80s keyboards and synthesizers.

Some people, mostly wankers, discard these things as boring sample players or ‘ROMPLERS’. These people think romplers are not real synths but that is just because they are too lazy to dive into menu screens or mask their lack of synthesis knowledge by only using synths where they can twiddle the filter cutoff knob so they get instant gratification.

The Vintage PRO is a gateway to an adventerous psychedelic plain of synthesis – a DEEP synthesizer – with 4 “oscillators”, 21 filter models, virtual modular patch cords with crazy modulations routings and more.

Sound good? Go check it out and grab a download at www.legowelt.org. If this is the first you’ve heard of Legowelt’s free sample libraries, prepare to have your hard drive filled.

Dutch producer Legowelt
Vintage Pro


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