Manifest Audio Release Free Mod-Squad Pack For Ableton Live

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How good is free stuff, especially when it comes from the lords over at  Berlin’s Manifest Audio, who have released a set of modulation devices for Ableton Live 10 Suite and above. The pack includes six mod tools that are designed to ‘inject life into your sets and compositions’ with a particular emphasis on dub-style effects. Did I mention it’s free?! I can’t wait to get started on these. Check out the video below.

Designed by Ableton Certified Trainer Noah Pred, Mod Squad features

  • Two Max MIDI effects: MIDI S&H and MIDI Autodubber
  • Four Max Audio effects: Audio S&H, Manual S&H, Audiodubber, and Autodubber
  • All mappable to eight independently constrainable destination parameters anywhere in a set
  • Seamless delay time takeover when switching between sync and millisecond modes
  • Depth, Offset, and Phase where applicable
  • Luck, Drunk, and Fluid randomization types
  • Freeze, Chance, Jitter, and Smoothing
  • Full Info View annotations
  • Optimized for Push

Check out the full details on their website here:

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