Meet The Moog One: Moog’s first Analogue Poly Synth in Decades

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In what must be the most anticipated synth release of all time, Moog have finally..finally added a poly-synth to their product line, the Moog One. And good god. It looks immense. It’s only been 33-years since Moog produced a poly, the company being understandably hestitant since the Memorymoog sent the company bankrupt in ’85. But here we are, meet the 8 and 16-voice, tri-timbral, 3 VCO, dual analog filter, Eventide effect endowed Moog One.

Details via Sweetwater:

Available in 8- and 16-voice versions, Moog One can simultaneously articulate eight or 16 voices, depending on the configuration of your instrument. The Moog One polyphonic sound engine is built upon the most advanced architecture ever conceived for a Moog synthesizer. Per voice, Moog One features three state-of-the-art analog voltage-controlled oscillators (VCOs), two independent analog filters (a Variable State filter and the famous Moog Ladder Filter) that can be run in series or parallel, a dual-source variable analog noise generator, an analog mixer with external audio input, four LFOs, and three envelope generators. You can split or layer the three timbres — each with its own sequencer, arpeggiator, and onboard effects library — across the premium 61-note Fatar keyboard with velocity and aftertouch.


Moog One offers a growing library of programmable per-synth and master bus effects, including chorus, delay, phase, bit reduction, vocoding, and a suite of premium Eventide reverbs such as Blackhole, Shimmer, Plate, Room, and Hall. Effects can be applied as Synth Effects and Master Bus Effects. Synth Effects are applied to individual timbral layers, while Master Bus Effects can be accessed via sends from all three synthesizers. Though its onboard effects are digital, the Moog One audio path is completely analog when all the effects are true bypassed.

Take my Money.

Yes, well. About that, prices announced thus far are US$5999 for the 8 voice and US$7999 for the 16-voice. Time to sell your car maybe? No sound demos are available yet, supposedly more info will be available October 8.

Get the full rundown of the new beasts via Sweetwater here

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