MESS Presents: Signal To Noise

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For the first in the MESS Presents 2018 series, get down to Howler for incredible sets from some of the country’s finest and most progressive electronic music artists.

Signal To Noise
 Thursday, 26 July

7 Dawson st, Brunswick

Doors 8pm

// Peter Blamey
Sydney artist Peter Blamey works with electronic music in an elemental way – an early adopter of the ‘no-input’ mixer style of feedback in the early 2000’s his work has developed to include playing with capacitance across exposed computer circuit boards to transforming the electrical impulses received by solar panels and listening to the output. His performance with a light bulb and two solar panels is something to behold. A surprisingly rich electronic sound without a synthesizer in sight and a timely comment on the politics of energy itself.

// Jannah Quill
Jannah Quill Is one of the official MESS residents for 2018. Her music and art embrace ordinary digital interfaces and technological machines as materials to generate new experiences reinterpreted from the intended consumer use of the digitally banal. In her hands, solar panels generate audio signal from off-the-shelf lighting products; a laptop’s text-to-speech function becomes vocal samples on thumping techno driven tracks; and game development programs are used to create installations of deconstructed digital imagery. – words from Liquid Architecture

// Robin Fox
MESS director and internationally acclaimed sound artist Robin Fox will be performing a historic set bringing together his entire Transaudio synthesizer collection – featured here in concert as a set for the first time since the machines were built in the mid 1970’s. These Melbourne designed and built synthesizers are part of the very fabric of electronic music history in this country. Fox will patch them live to create a truly massive Melbourne sound.

// Nina Buchanan
Melbourne’s Nina Buchanan operates at the precision nexus of brutalist techno and a truly uplifting style of ecstatic melodic synth riffage. Conjuring thick atmospheres and tonalities with almost blu-ray levels of vibrancy is perhaps in essence attributable to the simplicity of her chosen elements; 1 synth, 1 drum machine – the rest is purely incendiary sparks, resonating brightly in the spaces in between.

$25 Full
$20 Concession
$18 MESS Members

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