Metalheads Rejoice: Fortin’s Pedal Range has hit Australia

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Mike Fortin has been a figurehead of the high-gain amplifier tone community for decades now, his designs for Randell Amplification and more recently, his amplifier modifications and builds under his own name, Fortin Amplification, are highly sought after in the metal community. Probably the biggest endorsee of Fortin gear is a little band called Meshuggah, who have their own signature amplifier and pedal with Fortin. So if you, like many thousands of other metalheads all over the world have drooled over Meshuggah’s incredibly tight and heavy tones, today’s your lucky day — we just received word that the Fortin pedal range has landed in Australia (no word on amplifiers yet). Here’s a look at some of the range.

33 – Fredrik Thordendal (Meshuggah) Signature Pedal

The Meshuggah certified tone-shaping boost pedal that Fortin describe as a ‘sonic wrecking ball’ for any amplifier. If you want ‘that’ Meshuggah sound, this is an easy way there — and a pedal that’ll no doubt become a permanent fixture on your pedal board.

Grind / Mini Grind

Grind is another tone-shaping boost that features the 6IRTH and 6RIND circuitry originally designed for the Randall Satan amp – now found in the Fortin Natas.  This one features Mike Fortin’s tone-shaping settings, built into a one-knob pedal. The Mini version is identical but does away with the battery power option.

BladeWhitechapel Signature Pedal

If the blistering modern deathcore tones of Tennessee 6-piece Whitechapel are your bag, then take a look at the Blade boost pedal. This is one has Treble, Bass and Boost controls (3 controls, gasp!) so you have more flexibility to dial in your desired sound with Blade than on the Grind and 33. The idea was that each of Whitechapel’s 3 guitarists could all use the pedal simultaneously, and sculpt their tones to work together harmoniously.


It’s funny how you can add 3 brackets to a word and all of a sudden every doom enthusiast on the planet is paying attention (there’s a Lord of the Rings – Eye of Sauron meme in there somewhere). Yes, this is a shout-out to fuzz sludge doom lords Sunn O))), and hot damn, what a tribute it is. Volume and Fuzz controls act as you’d expect, girth adds low-end thickness.

Also on Australian shores are the Zuul and Zuul Mini noise gates, the Spliff signal splitter / iso / mute and Roach signal splitter. We’ll have the full range to play with in the coming weeks, so in the words of many idiot journalists before me: MORE TO COME. And hassle your favourite Aussie retailer to get these in if you’re keen to try them.


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