Modal Electronics SKULPT Synth gets MPE support with Firmware 2.0

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Hot off their recent ARGON8 feature update, Modal Electronics have given their SKULPT Virtual Analog desktop synth a similar treatment with Firmware 2.0. 

Top of the new feature list is MPE support as we saw with the ARGON8 2.0 update and SKULPT’s 8-oscillator per-voice architecture certainly lends itself to the powerful manipulative capabilities of the MPE protocol. SKULPT’s arpeggiator has also been updated with a new sustain/latch mode and 32 new preset patches have been added. Here are the rest of the details from Modal’s press release: 

With the newly introduced MPE support, SKULPT is compatible with MPE controllers. With MPE, every played note can be articulated individually and allows a more expressive performance. Because each MIDI note is assigned to its unique MIDI channel, every MIDI note can receive dedicated MIDI Channel-Expression commands. This feature delivers creative, next-level performance opportunities. SKULPT is now the most affordable MPE polyphonic hardware synth available on the market. To showcase the new MPE capabilities, Modal Electronics released a new 32 patch sound set, available online from Modal Electronics’ SKULPT product page.  

SKULPT’s integrated Arpeggiator offers the new mighty Sustain/Arp Latch Mode to expand the performance versatility. This function works like a classic arp hold that can also be used when the arpeggiator isn’t engaged. 

The new Global Tune Setting ensures a better integration of SKULPT into mixed setups with other, less accommodating equipment in studio and live applications, like analogue synthesisers or DJ turntables, which tend to be less precise in tuning.    

Finally, a new global setting enables a MIDI-In Offset, that simplifies the integration of Skulpt as a desktop module with other synths. MIDI-In Offset allows the configuration of the correct pitch playing range of each individual patch without having to adjust the octave settings of the external controller.  


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