Moog Announce Subharmonicon Ahead of Moogfest 2018

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Moog’s Biennial Moogfest returns for 2018 this May, and this year’s DIY synth workshop looks like a doozy. Following on from 2014’s Werkstatt 01 synth that – due to demand – became a worldwide release, and 2016’s voltage controlled mini-stylus synth workshop, Moogfest 2018 will see Engineer Pass holders construct the Moog Subharmonicon, an as-yet unreleased synth in the Mother 32 form factor.  

Details are limited at this point, but the above released image appears to feature 2 VCOs each with 2 sub oscillators and Moog notes that “The Subharmonicon is a brand-new electronic instrument inspired by the Trautonium, the Rythmicon, and the Schillinger System. It is a semi-modular harmonic kaleidoscope that divides into itself until everything that is up becomes down. With the Engineer VIP Pass, you’re delving into synthesis at the foundational level—and you come away with your own limited-edition, unreleased Moog synthesizer, hand-built by you.”

It goes down in Durnam, North Carolina – USA.
Tickets and details here.

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