My Gear: Micky Cooper

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Whether they’re a gear nerd or a gear noob, the type of gear an artist uses has a huge impact on their signature sound. In this regular series called My Gear, Noisegate picks the brains of exciting and diverse artists for a behind-the-scenes scoop on their musical setup…

Micky Cooper is a Keys player based in Melbourne with countless upper echelon gigs under his belt. As well as being of the busiest in the Australian scene, Micky is a self-professed ‘Gear Enthusiast’ and collects everything you could imagine in the synth world.

What piece of gear could you not live without in your setup?

Every gig is different, depending on the vibe, but I can never look past my Korg Kronos. It can literally do anything. I also always bring a Korg Kaoss Pad. The touch screen is so quick and easy for on the fly FXs.

Has it influenced your sound/playing/songwriting/process?

The Kronos has influenced my live playing SO MUCH. It is like having a live DAW on stage. I love plugging secondary synths into it and using the Kronos to control global patch changes of my entire rig and send individual effects to all my keyboards.

My Gear: Micky Cooper

What has been your best and worst purchase in music related gear?

So many good ones <3. The definite game changers for me were my Korg Kronos, Access Virus Ti, and Moog Voyager. They are my meat and potatoes whenever I’m writing for artists. I don’t really have any regrettable purchases because even the cheapest kids toy can have some personality.

Who would you say has influenced your sound / style of playing?

Scott Storch is definitely my biggest influence. Especially in the studio. More of my favourites are definitely Mike Dean, Timbaland and my all time hero Alicia Keys.

What’s next for Micky?

In the New Year, I have a bunch of exciting festivals and tours coming up with some amazing artists such as Thando and KIAN. Also a lot of writing with some exciting artists to be announced soon.

My Gear: Micky Cooper

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