NAMM 2020: Chase Bliss & Meris Collab on CXM 1978 Reverb Pedal with Motorised Sliders

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Two of the most creative and popular pedal effects companies at the moment are without doubt, Meris and Chase Bliss Audio. So when some vague comments about the Meris team being awesome appear on Chase Bliss’s social media, it doesn’t take much to connect the dots, and some serious hype started to brew.  

Today we finally got an official announcement, Chase Bliss Audio and Meris have collaborated on a pedal called the CXM 1978, an adaption and re-interpretation of the *cough*Lexicon*cough* 224 Studio Reverb from, you guessed it, 1978. It uses Chase Bliss’s housing from their Automatone line, with motorised faders, stereo ins and outs and MIDI control, while Meris took the lead on the sound design. It features 32 bit analogue/digital conversion, 3 classic algorithms – hall, room, plate, an adjustable decay cross-over to shape your reverb tails, expression pedal control over all six sliders and a lofi mode for 1978-accurate sound.

Chase Bliss have stated a release date of late Summer (USA) 2020, so it’s a way off and price is TBA (but you can bet this baby will fetch a pretty penny). They’ve made a very fun ’70s style teaser for it, hopefully our team can wade through the masses at NAMM today for a proper demo!



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