NAMM 2020: Fortin Debut Sigil – A 2 Channel, 20 Watt Tube Head

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Our team on the floor at NAMM Show in California today got a good look at what Fortin Amplification have been keeping under wraps. The Sigil amp head is a compact (by Fortin standards) 20-Watt all tube head, bringing two channels of classic Fortin gain and grind to the table via 4 x 12AX7 tubes and 2 x 6V6 output tubes.

Channel one is a cleaner, rock tone – akin to an AC/DC tone, while channel 2 packs that Fortin hi gain madness that they’re known for. Fortin amps are generally only available in limited runs directly from them, but a model like this seems ideal to produce in bigger numbers for wider distribution — so hopefully they get to Australia!  Check out our video below.

SIGIL 20w, 2 channel all tube guitar head


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