NAMM 2020 – Korg Bring Back RK-100S Keytar and Full Size MS-20 Synth in New Colours

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After a string of announcements last week, you’d be forgiven for thinking we’d heard the last of Korg as far as NAMM 2020 releases were concerned. But here we are again with a handful of Korg new synths. Or at least a refresh/return of some familiar faces in the form of the MS-20 FS and RK-100S.

If you’ve been in the market for a keytar over the past few years, you may have noticed Korg’s RK-100S has been in short supply, but it looks like that’s all changing in 2020. Here’s what Korg has to say: 

“Since its appearance, the RK-100S keytar has been a hit for its uniquely ergonomic styling, a powerful sound engine, and standout looks. Now by popular demand, the RK-100S returns in a big way. 

The artisanal wooden body inherited from the original RK-100 is a hallmark of the 100S, which is now available in a finish that accentuates its wood grain. Numerous sounds ideal for solo performance has been added, making the RK-100S fit instantly into any musician’s stage performance. 

* Clear finish shows the beautiful woodgrain (available in Black or Red) 

* New programs that emanate powerful presence when soloing 

* 37-note slim keyboard for easy playability 

* Two ribbon controllers to broaden your performance potential 

* Battery operation allows for long operation time 

* Vocoder function lets you accent your staging 

* Also a great choice as a master keyboard 

* A full range of included items such as a soft case” 

NAMM 2020 – Korg Bring Back RK-100S Keytar and Full Size MS-20 in New Colours

On top of that, the MS-20 Full Size is back in another limited edition run, this time is four fetching finishes: Green(holy smokes!), White, Blue and Black. 

NAMM 2020 – Korg Bring Back RK-100S Keytar and Full Size MS-20 in New Colours Here’s the brief from Korg: 

“Even after sales of the original, released in the late ’70s, came to an end, KORG has carried on the MS-20 tradition in a mini-sized reissue, a software synthesizer plugin, and even a kit version. These were driven by our pride in our synthesizer heritage, our understanding of its historical significance, our responsibility to faithfully carry on the analogue circuit technology that we’ve developed over the years, and our desire to pass on its generation-spanning sound to the future. 

And now, we have resumed production of a completely assembled full-size MS-20, which had in 2014 been produced only in very small numbers as a kit. But in addition to faithfully recreating the sound, feel, and analogue circuitry, this full-size reissue will consist of limited numbers of four different powder-coated colour variations: green (GREEN), white (WHITE), blue (BLUE), and black (BLACK). 

This MS-20 FS is the genuine MS-20 made by KORG, faithful to the original in every way. Today, 40 years after first appearing in 1978, musicians hungry for this absolutely timeless sound can hear the genuine analogue power of the MS-20. 

* Full-sized MS-20 made by KORG. 

* Four different colour variations in a powder-coated finish. 

* Provides two types of filter: early model and late model. 

* Completely reproduces the analogue circuitry of the time. 

– 2VCO / 2VCA / 2VCF / 2EG / 1LFO structure. 

– External Signal Processor (ESP) to process an external signal. 

– Patching system provides an extremely high degree of freedom. 

* MIDI IN connector and USB port are provided. 

* AC adaptor. 

* The original is reproduced in every detail, including the package finish and the included manual.” 

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