NAMM 2020: UD Update their Innovative USB Video Control Pedal

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Last year Utility Design introduced the Rep pedal, a pedal that plugs into your computer via USB and controls playback of video in Google Chrome, enabling you to pause, rewind in 5 second blocks, loop parts and more. The idea being that you can watch guitar (or any other instrument really) tutorials and control the video without taking your hands off the guitar. 

UD have just announced the updated version, now called Vidami. It’s admittedly not clear what this new version offers over the Rep pedal, they’ve just stated updated software and housing. But we missed the news of UD Rep last year and we think the concept is brilliant, so we’re shining a light on it now! The pedal connects via USB and controls video playing in Google Chrome via a Chrome extension.

UD is a startup based out of the States, the original Rep pedal was invented by Quinn Jones who started learning guitar almost exclusively online from the age of 6. You get the feeling this was a product born out of a real need and frustration. Nobody wants to leave the fretboard and hit pause, rewind etc on their computer every few seconds while trying to learn.

They state in their website FAQs they’re exploring Bluetooth technology to enable this concept to be more friendly to iOS and other mobile devices too, so we’ll be keeping tabs on UD!



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