NAMM 2020 – VOX Reveal VALVENERGY Pedal Series with Unique Channel Switching

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Ahead of the NAMM 2020 show, Vox has revealed a new series of four new pedals dubbed VALVENERGY, all featuring KORG’s Nutube technology for valve-like response commonly found in tube amps. 

The four new pedals: Copperhead Drive, Cutting Edge, Mystic Edge and Silk Drive are all built using the same enclosure design with the control parameters gathered across the top of the pedal above an OLED screen which displays an oscilloscope when the pedals are engaged. 

All pedals feature different modes. You can use the pedal like a normal stompbox or switch the pedal output to a line-level signal using the preamp mode for hooking up to a power-amp or effect-loop return. There is also a cab-sim mode to send out a line-level signal with cabinet simulation to a mixing desk or audio interface. 

An interesting aspect of these pedals which we may see a lot more of in the future is that they all feature channel-switching connectivity. You can use a 1/8” stereo aux cable, linking two or three together, and as you turn one on and the other will turn off – as if you were switching channels on an amplifier. Very cool indeed. 

Here’s a brief description of each pedal as per their website 

“The Copperhead Drive pedal recreates the classic full stack amp tone, used for the powerful sound of hard rock in the 80s. Use it for lightly overdriven tones or thick distortion.” 

“The Cutting Edge pedal delivers the high-gain sound that’s indispensable for modern metal. It is equipped with four tone controls that allow a variety of expressive possibilities, ranging from tight and crunchy tones for clear riffing to thick sounds that are perfect for leads.” 

“The Mystic Edge pedal delivers the sound of the VOX AC30. Developed in 1959, the AC30’s iconic chime and edgy sound have been widely used, starting in the 60s and 70s, and continuing to today’s music.” 

The Silk Drive pedal gives you the sound of a legendary boutique amp. It covers the range from warm cleans to bluesy overdriven tones, and perfectly expresses the subtle nuances of your picking. Within the Valvenergy series, this unit is particularly notable for tube compression that is distinctive of a vacuum tube amp. NAMM 2020 - VOX Reveal VALVENERGY Pedal Series with Unique Channel Switching

For more info head to VOX website 

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