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NAMM 2021 Booth Report: Adamson Systems Engineering

Adamson is a brand that is a bit different from what we are used to seeing in the consumer market, these are professional products for “cream of the crop” AV professionals and boutique venues, these speakers are the pinnacle of sound quality for live performances and this is no exaggeration. This Canadian brand takes their products very seriously and there are optimised for perfection.

This year they came to NAMM 2021 with their portfolio of amazing products and invested in their sessions to present their CS series of intelligent speaker systems and, I must say by my own experience, it is a real treat to see how their systems interact with their control software Blueprint AV adamsonsystems.com/product/system-control/blueprint-av, which is a front end version of what is tacked on the back of their speaker systems. Combined these two products makes the back bone of a precise and beautiful audio experience, by giving the engineers complete control through the system of speakers and allowing detailed tweaks to individual or combined speaker settings at a time, obviously this is an oversimplification of what this system is really capable of, for more details visit their website on adamsonsystems.com/ for more info on their products.

In the opinion of audio experts and AV colleagues in the field, this may as well be one of the best systems in the market. In between their point source solutions and their line arrays they are sure to cater for every sized venue.

Check some of their NAMM 2021 sessions during the #Believe in Music week.

Welcome to CS-Series

Adamson Systems Engineering: Built for the future of professional sound.

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