Native Instruments Komplete Start – A Suite of Instruments & Effects … FOR FREE

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Continuing their message of accessibility, Native Instruments announced at last week’s NAMM show Komplete Start – a free introductory version of their acclaimed Komplete 12 instrument and sound library which features 15 pro-grade synths and sampled instruments, plus effects, loops, and samples. 

This announcement came alongside the new Komplete Kontrol M32 keyboard plus the new Audio 1&2 audio interfaces (read about them here) This sees NI really reaching out to a growing market of budget conscious people, hungry to get into computer-based music production. Komplete Start is a whopping 6GB of sounds and samples, plus includes the Komplete Kontrol Software – an easy to use app used to search and preview all the sounds in Komplete Start no matter what DAW your using, plus integrates seamlessly with your MIDI controller for greater control over the instruments.

Check out a breakdown of the included synths, sounds and instrument titles:







Also includes KOMPLETE KONTROL, KONTAKT 6 PLAYER, REAKTOR 6 PLAYER and samples and sounds from NI’s most popular expansion packs.

Available FEBRUARY, 2019

Head to Native Instruments Website:  HERE:



4 thoughts on “Native Instruments Komplete Start – A Suite of Instruments & Effects … FOR FREE”

  1. Nicholas Cather says:

    But you have failed to mention there is almost no support for native instruments in Australia which means when you have technical inquiries or you need to transfer licences when you sell any native instruments device your only option is entering an email based support request which takes over a week to get a reply that is not relevant to the support you are seeking “i have purchased a maschine and am recieving an error trying to register the device” i attached a screen shot of the error message you get quality support such as “maschine is a combination of hardware and software, now you can buy the software here” and attached the a link to by their software so you lodge another support ticket and they dont transfer all of the serials across the most important of them being the serial for the the maschine it self which means even if i wanted to use it as a plug in for other software such as ableton or fl studio or what ever software you like. you cant because it doesnt let you do anything with it until its registered in native access. so as i approach a month of attempting to resolve this i would strongly recommend buying anything other than native instruments. i have being working in the technology industry for 7 years now specifically the department of education and i have never received such poor support from even worst dis-functional bureaucratic poorly run sectors which is saying something because they have the worst support known to man.

    1. Mike C says:

      Hey Nicholas, that’s a bummer to hear. Transferring serial numbers between users on second hand purchases is a process, but one we’ve done successfully on multiple occasions with no issue. You can contact the Australian NI distributor for Aus based support, which is CMI Music & Audio – cmi.com.au

  2. Isaac says:

    Hey there!

    Wondering how to use the Start pack in my DAW; I am using BandLab at the moment, as it is free. Do I need to use a different DAW or can I access the pack in BL?

    Thank you for your time.

    A newby,

    1. Mel S says:

      According to Bandlab forums, Yes you can use the pack in Bandlab, they will show up as VST Instruments

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