Native Instruments release Straylight, an Epic Granular-based Instrument for Cinematic Sounds

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Native Instruments have introduced yet another instrument to their Kontakt library, called Straylight. This one’s primarily aimed at film and game composers and excels at ominous tones, drones and swells with complex layered sound design capabilities. 

Straylight’s synthesis engine is a custom built granular design, with an extensive modulation and effects section — up to 14 different effects can be applied and modulated, including filters, dynamics, EQs, gaters, drivers, modulation, delays and reverbs. The X-Y modulation matrix allows intuitive real-time performance and expressiveness.

Long-time Native Instruments product designer Frank Elting — responsible for designing Massive, Kontakt 5 and more recently Nils Frahm’s Noire Piano — collaborated with film composer and original Tangerine Dream member Paul Haslinger on this project, and the results are truly epic. Check out the interview with Haslinger below.

Being a professional-grade instrument, Straylight requires a professional grade computer — Intel i7 processor or higher. Grab all the info via the NI website here.

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