New AKG Ara: Easy to Use USB Microphone for Content Creators, Music Production and Online Meetings

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Let’s clear this up once and for all, the tiny built-in microphone on laptops and mobile devices might be good for asking your virtual assistant what the weather is like today, but these microphones are not good when it comes to conducting online meetings or trying to record the human voice for content such as podcasts. The quality of these tiny microphones cannot be compared to larger mics. Don’t take my word for it — think of all those online calls and meetings you’ve had during this pandemic. Now count the times it was hard to hear people speaking or the difficulty people had hearing you! It’s a struggle, to say the least, but it needn’t be. There is an easy solution to upgrading your audio quality for these calls/meetings, grab a USB microphone. They’re designed to be plug and play with minimal setup and the quality they produce surpasses any laptop microphone by a country mile.

AKG has been the benchmark for making microphones since the 1940s, so we think they know a thing or two when it comes to designing microphones! AKG released their first USB microphone, the Lyra, early last year and have just followed it up with Ara, Lyra’s little sibling. Lyra and Ara are clearly related, sharing the same colour scheme and design concept. The Ara has a nice slim look and comfortably sits on a table or desk at the perfect height for picking up speech. The base plate of the included stand can be detached to allow the Ara to be mounted onto a conventional microphone stand if required.


The new AKG Ara has 2 polar patterns, allowing multiple people to share the same microphone, making online meetings with more than one person in the room easy to hear! The choice of polar patterns also makes the Ara great for streaming, gaming or recording music. Ara is a high-quality affordable USB microphone, that is easy to use across different video conferencing platforms, great for content creators, home studios, gamers and anyone who wants to upgrade from their tiny mobile device microphone!

AKG ARASpecs and Features

  • 3.5mm stereo headphone output
  • Polar patterns: front & front and back
  • USB C (to connect with computer)
  • Includes registration code for Ableton Live 10 Lite (upgradable to Live 11)
  • Records max 96 kHz/24 bit
  • Compatible with PC, Mac, iOS & Android.
  • Class-compliant

Expect to pay $169.00

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