New Oberheim OB-X8: Their First New Synth in 35 Years

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It’s not every day we see a new synth bearing the classic Oberheim branding. In fact, it’s been several decades. The new OB-X8 is an all analog 8-voice polyphonic monster that combines the tone of three classic 1980s Oberheim synths into something completely new.

Back in 2016, we were treated to the announcement of a Dave Smith / Tom Oberheim collaboration with the OB-6, although it carried the Dave Smith Instruments branding (and Tom Oberheim’s signature). Now in 2022, the pair are presenting the result of another collaboration, but this time with the unmistakable classic Oberheim look and logo.  

Oberheim’s website states ‘The OB-X8 combines the three different voice architectures of the OB-X, OB-Xa, and OB-8 into a single instrument. The individual filter types and other unique characteristics of each model have been faithfully reproduced, giving you the most authentic OB experience possible. You can even mix elements of different models to create sounds never possible with the originals. There’s never been an OB-series synth as powerful and versatile.’ 

And the following is from Oberheim’s news article including a quote from Tom Oberheim himself: 

Today, the company is launching its first new product, the OB-X8: an 8-voice polyphonic analog synth that combines all of the key features of the legendary OB-X, OB-Xa, and OB-8 products from the 1980s – including all the original presets that gave them their signature sounds.  

“I wanted to come back strong with a new design that brings together the sounds of the greatest instruments from across the OB range, together with the distinctive sound and styling of those synths” said Tom Oberheim. “But we took it even further: you can now combine the various OB voice architectures in ways that produce unique and interesting new sounds and capabilities.” 

The Oberheim lists for $7799 here in Australia and is available to order now. Visit Oberheim’s site for more details: https://oberheim.com/

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