New Vinyl Plant To Open In Australia Thanks To The Worldwide Vinyl Resurgence

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The renewed interest in vinyl over the past few years has led to an increase in worldwide demand. In recent months both Japan and South Korea have announced that they will be opening new vinyl pressing plants in 2018 to keep up with said demand.

And now Australia joins that list, with Program Records announcing it will open the first modern record pressing plant in Melbourne in over thirty years.

Program Records will be installing fully-automated WarmTone machinery from Canadian firm, Viryl Technologies, which presses records in thirty seconds. The WarmTone system also boasts having a 1% wastage rate, meaning less faulty records, lower production costs, and less negative environmental impact.

Program Records will begin by pressing 140g and 180g 12″ vinyl in 2018, before expanding operations to include 7″ and 10″ vinyl later in the year.

But perhaps more importantly, Program Records will focus on the local Australian music industry. Says Program Records founder Steve Lynch:

‚ÄúProgram Records will focus on supporting the local music scene backed by a data driven and highly efficient production facility. Australia has a great music scene that deserves to have affordable, good quality vinyl made here on time.”

We here at Noisegate couldn’t agree more.

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