Arturia: 3 Filters We've Actually Used

We looked at spicing up some of our tracks, adding a bit of excitement to our audio and a bit of tone control, and we needed some plug-ins to do it with. So with Arturia having just released 3 new creative filters that emulate vintage synths we thought why not “road test” them and the results are here, with a ‘3 part’ video snippet that just touches on the potential of these filters.

Arturia: 3 Filters We’ve Actually Used

The Mini-Filter

A plugin recreation of Dr Moog’s famous 24dB per octave low-pass ladder filter, updated with exciting new features for the modern music maker.

The SEM Filter

Tom Oberheim’s pioneering design, among the first ever self-contained analog synthesizers, was home to one of the best-loved filters of all time.

The M12-Filter

M12-Filter is a full-featured recreation of the multi-mode filter found in Oberheim’s iconic Matrix-12, kitted out with awesome updates that make this plugin one of the most powerful, performable sound-shaping tools around.

More Info on the Arturia Filters:


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